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SiteWatch® Services

Monthly Fuel Site Inspections and Underground Tank Compliance Management

Optimize Petroleum Equipment Performance – Reduce Unplanned Downtime – Meet Regulatory Compliance

Is compliance causing you headaches? Are you tired of keeping up with ATG Compliance Reports? Do you cringe at the thought of an EPD Compliance Inspection? Or do you simply not have the time to keep up with all of this on top of all your other responsibilities?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, United Pump has the solution for you. SiteWatch® services provide scheduled preventive maintenance and compliance management for commercial fueling stations large and small.

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SiteWatch Service Levels

SiteWatch Basic

For UST Owners with a robust compliance program in place but lack the time and manpower to complete the tedious monthly walkthrough inspections at every location.

SiteWatch Standard

For new UST Owners and Owners without an established compliance program who are unfamiliar with the ever-changing regulations that impact their operations. Standard Customers enjoy all the benefits of Basic, plus a robust compliance management solution that gives UST Owners peace of mind.

SiteWatch Pro

For UST Owners looking for a turnkey UST Compliance program that shifts responsibility to a third party and eliminates the chance for compliance violations due to employee turnover or a lack of diligent oversight. Pro Customers get all the benefits of the Standard and Basic programs in addition to a full-service, no-compromise Compliance Management Program with Testing included.

Service SiteWatch Basic SiteWatch Standard SiteWatch Pro
Monthly Water Removal/Disposal from Spill Buckets X X X
30 Day Walkthrough Inspections X X X
Annual Walkthrough Inspections X X X
Annual Dispenser PM Service – Calibration and Filters X X X
Monthly ATG Record Keeping – 36 mo Retention X X X
Remote Monitoring – Cloud Hosted X X
Annual Record Audits X X
3 Year GA EPD Inspections – Onsite Representation X X
Compliance Testing Mgmnt. – Scheduling/Oversight X X
A/B Operator – Continuity Through Turnover X
C Operator Training – Site Specific End User Training X
RO/GEOS - Annual Tank Registration X
Annual ATG, Tank, Line, Leak Detector, and EVR Testing Optional Optional X
Triennial Spill, Overfill and Containment Sump Testing Optional Optional X