Our Mission:

We Stand United To Always Exceed Our Customers' Expectations At A Profit If We Can, At A Loss If We Must - While Honoring God In the Process


Equipment, Tanks, Parts and Supplies for the Transport, Storage, Measurement and Dispensing of Petroleum Products

Aviation Fueling Systems

Custom designed and engineered fuel storage, filtration, transfer and dispensing systems for Av-Gas and Jet Fuel

Morrison Brothers Company

Oil equipment fittings, aboveground tank valves, fittings, emergency vents and gauges


Bennett Pump Company

Retail and commercial fueling pumps and dispensers for c-stores, truck stops, marinas and private fleets

NOV Fiberglass Systems

Fiberglass piping systems for underground handling of petroleum products

Beta Lighting

LED and metal halide lights for fuel island canopies, c-stores and area lighting

Numeritex-Sign Quarters

Electronic LED signs and message boards



Pre-engineered fuel island canopies for all major oil companies and custom designed independent images

OPW Fueling Components

Overfill prevention valves, spill containers, manholes, emergency valves, check valves, vents, foot valves, vapor valves, automatic nozzles, vapor recovery nozzles, hose swivels, breakaway connectors and aboveground tank valves, fittings and vents

Central Illinois Manufacturing

Fuel System filters and accessories

OPW Fueling Containment Systems

Flexworks flexible piping systems

Containment Solutions

Fiberglass underground storage tanks and oil/water separators, aboveground bulk lubricant storage tanks


Fuel System filters and accessories


Water absorbent products

Power Integrity Corporation

Surge protection systems, battery back-up systems and complete store power management systems



Flexible connectors for underground petroleum piping systems.  Hose for air, aviation, farm tank, fuel oil , gasoline, marine and vapor recovery


Scanning, price book and back office software

Franklin Fueling Systems

Submersible petroleum pumps; automatic tank gauging systems; service station valves and fittings; and flexible product piping and containment systems

Red Jacket

Submersible petroleum pumps and leak detectors


Fleet and commercial dispensers, fuel management control systems and software

Separation By Design

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) storage and dispensing systems

3M Sound Products

Intercom systems for c-stores and quick serve restaurants

Steel  Storage Tanks

Underground and aboveground, shop fabricated

Miscellaneous Products

PVC well screens, prefabricated steel island forms, curb fascia, bumper guards; tank gauge sticks, oil absorbent and spill control products


Electronic gauging systems for aboveground and underground storage tanks. Automatic leak detection systems for pressurized product lines



Point of sale registers and payment systems for retail fueling dispensers